Kollect Junk Removal Launches in Carlow

Live in Carlow? Got junk? Want to free up some space? Nodding enthusiastically? Fantastic! Kollect’s simple and affordable junk removal service is now available to you. We all know the drill—that next week job becomes a someday job and before you know it you’re nailing the door of your junk room shut to hide your eternal shame. Well, perhaps you haven’t gone full Monica just yet. Before you do it might be worth considering just how easy Kollect has made it to banish that old junk from your home. Don’t worry, you’ll avoid all the hassle of skip-hire and know exactly what the job will cost before you commit.


So, how does it all work? The answer is surprisingly simple. Just visit Kollect’s online junk removal tool to get started. From there you select your location—ps. including Carlow, Kollect provides this service to 15 counties across Ireland—then choose the item(s) you want removed from an extensive list and you’ll be shown an instant price for the services. You can then choose the date of collection which best suits you and pay via debit card. It’s junk removal made simple, affordable and effective. Or, if you’d rather do business over the phone you can always give the guys at Kollect a call on 051-364495 and they’ll happily talk you through their junk removal solutions.

Simple, Affordable, Effective.

As we’ve covered before, decluttering your living space can have a host of positive effects upon your life. While paying for traditional one-size-fits-some skip-hire was a daunting prospect, Kollect’s modern solutions make removing junk hassle free. To get started simply click or call and the Kollect team will do the rest. Or if you’d like to do a bit more research, feel free to visit our reviews page and hear about Kollect’s services directly from our existing customers.



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