Megan Ronan – Head of Customer Service

We get by with a little help from our friends

One of the ways in which Kollect is able to fulfil customer expectation is by calling on third-party providers to help out with skip, junk and bin collection.

Customer Service hero, Megan Ronan, who has been with the company for almost a year now, explains how Kollect uses third-party providers to guarantee a 5-star service.

“We’ve built up a fantastic relationship with some highly reputable third parties and that comes in real handy ,” Megan explained. “We’d often get calls from customers who might have forgotten to put out their bins, or maybe have an event coming up and need us to collect something urgently. that’s when the our platform comes in.”

Megan, and the customer service team are available on the phones from 9am to 5:30pm, but Kollect are also fully contactable on social media channels and the online chat system right up to 11pm (and sometimes beyond). Megan explains why this accessibility is so useful to customers.

“Our number one priority when it comes to customer relations is to be prompt, responsive and completely positive with a can-do attitude,” Megan said. “If we pick up a call late in the evening from a customer who needs a skip or bin gone ASAP, we’ll get straight on to our third-party providers to make sure it happens by the next morning. We do this, not only for our existing customers but also for new ones who might have been let down by another provider. We recently had a customer, on the day of her wedding, needing the urgent removal of a bin. Suffice to say we were out there before even the hairdresser arrived!”

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