Manchester, here we come!

Kollect’s Plan

We are delighted to announce that Kollect’s innovative waste collection platform will launch in Manchester this week, bringing a whole new world of rubbish collection to more than 3.5 million  people. We asked one of our founders, John O’Connor, to tell us a bit more about the move and what it means for Kollect, and also Manchester!

“This is a massively exciting time for Kollect,” John said. “In Manchester we will operate an online marketplace that connects customers (business and domestic) who need to dispose of waste with waste companies,  using our technology platform, creating value for both sides of the transaction. So, for a collection customer in Manchester they can find our platform easily through search, get a price and book in a job at a date and time that suits them, paying online. They can use one platform for all their waste services and prices. Once the customer chooses their waste need we then subcontract fulfilment to our waste company partners. Our platform is unique and like nothing the people of the UK will have seen before”

John has always compared Kollect to Uber, the on-demand taxi platform.

“Instead of moving people, we move waste,” he said. “Uber has become a worldwide company because people will always want to go from A-B and they provide the easiest way of facilitating that. Likewise, people will always generate waste and Kollect offers the easiest way for people to have their junk, skips or bins collected.”

In Manchester, waste collection is organised by Manchester City Council. However, the frequency of those collections have been reduced in recent times, leaving people frustrated, and in need of an on-demand waste collection service, like Kollect.

“We’re really excited about bringing our technology, and unique customer service to Manchester,” John concluded. “We’re now living in a new modern era of startups akin to Uber, AirBnb, and Just Eat that use contractors to perform the fulfilment as they focus on rapid customer acquisition. Customers in Manchester will be able to use our website to receive a quote for the job, a date for collection and the ability to book and pay online or using cash – they will be completely in control of their waste collection needs, which is something they will have never experienced before”

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