What Goes in each Bin? Get it Right on Bin Night!

What Goes in each Bin? This is a very commonly asked question we receive all the time. Putting the right rubbish in the right bin helps us to recycle properly. We won’t collect bins with the wrong types of rubbish in them so make sure you Get it Right on Bin Night!

What Goes in each Bin?

What Goes in each Bin?

General Waste Bin Do’s

General refuse
Plastic bags
Plastic food wrappings
Aluminum foil
Animal waste
Netting from oranges/ onions
Tin Foil
Aero board
Contaminated & Wet Paper
Soiled food
Plasters, etc
Sanitary Waste

Recycling Waste Bin Do’s

Recycling plays such a huge part in preserving the quality of the environment as the waste can be recovered, treated and repurposed into something brand new. Please note: A recycling bin with incorrect materials cannot be accepted on collection day.

What goes in the Recycling Bin?

Aluminium drinks cans
Foil takeaway trays
Clean aluminium foil
All cardboard (clean & dry)
Cardboard egg boxes
Clothing labels
Flyers & junk mail
Drink bottles
Detergent/fabric softener bottles
Milk bottles
Biscuit tins
Soup tins
Steel food tins
Juice cartons (rinsed out)
Milk cartons (rinsed out)
Soup cartons (rinsed out)

Organic Waste Do’s

If you use your brown bin correctly, the average family can reduce the waste going into their green general waste bin by nearly 30%. This waste can also be converted into a nutrient dense fertiliser for farmers.

What can go in the organic bin?
All cooked & raw foods
Garden Waste:
Cut flowers & plants
Grass cuttings
Hedge clippings
Other Compostable Waste:
Egg boxes
Paper napkins & paper towels
Soiled paper plates
Hope this helps!

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