Click and Kollect – 5 Reasons to Declutter your life

When Einstein said “Out of clutter find simplicity,” he didn’t exactly say how to do so and somehow I can’t imagine Albert trawling the classifieds to rid himself of an old washing machine. Nonetheless I daresay he was onto something. Minimalism may once have been confined to hippie communes but the concept has now become an international trend—and for good reason. Don’t worry, you don’t have to turn your back on those worldly goods you love so much either. Simple acts like decluttering your home can have a host of surprising benefits. Here are five straightforward reasons why you should consider emptying that old junk out of your life and declutter:

1- Space
Whether it’s a rusty bike, a dusty pram or a PC that belongs more in a museum than in
your living room, there’s no denying that junk takes up space. Spartan living is not for
everyone but decluttering can give anybody new options. By simply using Kollect’s hassle-
free junk removal service and you can include today’s wasted space in tomorrow’s plans.

2- Hygiene
Ever hear of the term gathering dust? Sure you have and it’s a saying that resonates with
all of us. You don’t have to be one of those horror hoarders on TV to allow clutter to impact
the sanitation of your personal space. It sounds simple but the more nooks and crannies your
clutter provides the greater opportunity mites and critters have to escape your duster.

3- A fresh start
Out with the old and in with the new. Hey—minimalism is great and all but so is a new
chest of drawers a laptop or a foosball table. Maybe it’s making a space for new hobbies or
transforming that garden shed into the man-cave your hairy little heart desires. Whatever the
case, starting fresh is exciting and with Kollect it has never been easier to embark on a new

4- Mental Health
Hold up. Before you assume the lotus position and start chanting amidst a cloud of
incense—please consider that you don’t have to go all new-agey to appreciate the benefits of
an organised environment. While avocado-infused coconut water may irk some as being
nonsense, the link between clutter and stress is widely acknowledged and the research
supports the idea that outer-calm can in-fact lead to inner-peace. I know—Namaste!

5- Convenience
Last but most certainly not least is the factor that junk removal has now become stress
free. In a waste disposal plot twist for the ages, Kollect have reversed the online shopping
process and given their customers the ability to click away the items they don’t want. While
poor old Albert is still ringing strangers to compare vague prices, Kollect customers are mere
seconds away from the relief of decluttering their lives.

Don’t take our word for it, try it. Click here to go to the Kollect website. Simply select you location, the junk you want removed and a date that suits you and Kollect will do the rest. Declutter your life today!

Or alternatively, you can call our outstanding customer care team on 051-364495 or 021-2428873.

Kollect also provide Skip Hire and Bin Collection services, we are the specialists in the waste removal industry.

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